Key to Success in JEE 2014

Joint Entrance Exam JEE-2014 is a common exam for Undergraduate Engineering admissions in two stages comprising of

JEE-Main : conducted by CBSE for admissions to the NITs, CFTIs

JEE-Advanced 2014: Conducted by IIT Kharagpur.

JEE2014 Pattern Highlights!

1. The JEE Main 2014 Application Form is online. Candidates have to upload their photographs, signature and the left thumb impression in JPEG format as specified. No documents have to be sent to the JEE Main office. Steps for the application process are as follows :-

1. Fill the Application Form

2. Upload scanned JPEG files of Photo, signature and left thumb impression

3. Pay the Examination fee through debit Card/Credit Card or Bank Challan

4. Download the Acknowledgement Receipt and safe keep it. DONOT send it to the JEE Main office

Maharashtra and Odisha also join Gujarat in the JEE Main system with JEE Main 2014 as the entrance exams for the engineering admissions in these state.

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Objective Chemistry for the JEE Mains 2014, 1/e
Objective Chemistry for the JEE Mains 2014, 1/e Atul Singhal
Price: INR.725 INR.646.00
You Save: INR.79
ISBN: 9789332508040
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syllabus comprehensively. Divided into 35 chapters, the book presents a quick and concise revision of the concepts followed by ample number of practice questions arranged in an ascending order of ......

• Rich in pedagogical features such as 
      *facts to remember
      *some important guidelines
      *tool box and summary of important relations
• More than 4,500 practice problems with hints and explanations
• Special emphasis on mechanism of reactions, and increasing and decreasing order in various physiochemical properties such as bond angle, reactivity etc.


Chapter 1 Basics of Chemistry
Chapter 2 Solid State
Chapter 3 Gaseous State
Chapter 4 Atomic Structure
Chapter 5 Solutions
Chapter 6 Energetics
Chapter 7 Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 8 Ionic Equilibrium
Chapter 9 Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
Chapter 10 Chemical Kinetics
Chapter 11 Surface Chemistry
Chapter 12 Periodic Properties
Chapter 13 Chemical Bonding
Chapter 14 Chemistry of Representive Elements
Chapter 15 Chemistry of Non-Metals I
Chapter 16 Chemistry of Non-Metal-II
Chapter 17 Chemistry of Lighter Elements
Chapter 18 Chemistry of Heavier Elements (Metallurgy)
Chapter 19 Transition Metals Including Lanthanides and Actinides
Chapter 20 Corrdination Compounds
Chapter 21 Nuclear Chemistry
Chapter 22 Purification and Characterization of Carbon Compounds
Chapter 23 General Organic Chemistry I
Chapter 24 General Organic Chemistry II
Chapter 25 Hydrocarbons and Petroleum
Chapter 26 Organic Compounds with Functional Groups Containing Halogens (X)
Chapter 27 Alcohol-Phenol Ether
Chapter 28 Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen-II
Chapter 29 Organic Compounds with Functional Groups Containing Nitrogen
Chapter 30 Polymers
Chapter 31 Biomolecules and Biological Processes
Chapter 32 Chemistry in Everyday Life
Chapter 33 Environmental Chemistry
Chapter 34 Practical Chemistry
Chapter 35 Appendix

Objective Mathematics for the JEE Mains 2014, 1/e
Objective Mathematics for the JEE Mains 2014, 1/e Dinesh Khattar
Price: INR.625 INR.557.00
You Save: INR.68
ISBN: 9789332508132
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Objective Mathematics for the JEE Mains offers a comprehensive coverage of the latest syllabus of the JEE Mains. The book is divided into 30 chapters comprising a quick revision of various concepts ......

• The book has rich pedagogical features such as
• Questions arranged in levels based on concepts and skills covering topic-wise questions
• Exercises for self-practice
• More than 5,000 questions with hints and explanations
• Previous years' questions with solutions and explanations


Chapter 1 Physics and Measurement
Chapter 2 Kinematics
Chapter 3 Laws of Motion
Chapter 4 Work, Energy and Power
Chapter 5 Rotational Motion
Chapter 6 Gravitation
Chapter 7 Properties of Solids and Liquids
Chapter 8 Oscillations and Waves
Chapter 9 Heat and Thermodynamics
Chapter 10 Heat Transfer Processes
Chapter 11 Electrostatics
Chapter 12 Electricity
Chapter 13 Magnetic Effects of Current
Chapter 14 Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 15 Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 16 Ray Optics and Wave Optics
Chapter 17 Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Chapter 18 Atoms and Nuclei
Chapter 19 Electronic Devices
Chapter 20 Communication Systems

Objective Physics for the JEE Advanced, 1/e
Objective Physics for the JEE Advanced, 1/e M. K. Srivastava
Price: INR.899 INR.801.00
You Save: INR.98
ISBN: 9789332508057
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Objective Physics for the JEE Advanced 2014 focuses on enhancing students' problem-solving skills in the light of a strong conceptual base. All the sections in the book — mechanics, simple harmonic ......

• Brief introduction at the beginning of each chapter that discusses concepts and definitions
• More than 5,000 solved problems, including typical problems based on passages
• Covers all five categories of questions asked in the examination
• More than 4,000 questions for practice, with answers and hints
• Exercises at the end of each chapter having the following types of questions—
• Self evaluation test based on the latest JEE Advanced Pattern at the end of each unit


1. Units, Dimensions and Errors
2. Vectors
3. Motion in One and Two Dimensions
4. Circular Motion
5. Newton's Law of Motion
6. Work, Power and Energy
7. Conservation of Momentum
8. Centre of Mass and Rigid Body Dynamics
9. Gravitation
10. Interatomic Forces and Elasticity
11. Hydrodynamics and Properties of Fluids
12. Simple Harmonic Motion
13. Wave Motion and Wave in a String
14. Sound Waves
15. Kinetic Theory of Gases, Calorimetry and Specific Heat of Gases
16. Thermodynamics
17. Heat Transfer Processes
18. Electrostatics
19. Gauss's Law
20. Capacitors
21. Electricity
22. Thermal and Chemical Effect of Current
23. Magnetic Effects of Current
24. Permanent Magnets
25. Electromagnetic Induction
26. Alternating Current
27. Electromagnetic Waves
28. Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
29. Wave Optics
30. Spectrum of Light and Photometry
31. Photoelectric Effect and Dual Nature of Matter
32. Bohr's Theory and Atomic Physics
33. X-Rays
34. Nuclear Physics

3-D Geometry for the JEE (Mains and Advanced), 1/e
3-D Geometry for the JEE (Mains and Advanced), 1/e Jwala Prasad
Price: INR.599 INR.534.00
You Save: INR.65
ISBN: 9788131796221
not rated
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3-D Geometry for the JEE (Mains and Advanced), based on the new examination pattern, fulfills all the requirements of a good preparatory tool. From an exhaustive coverage to a user-friendly approach, ......

• More than 1500 questions
• Exam-oriented questions based on the following types: subjective, straight objective, multiple correct answers, assertion-reason, linked-comprehension, matrix match, and integer
• Previous years' IIT-JEE and AIEEE questions included


Chapter 1 Direction Ratios and Direction Cosines
Chapter 2 Plane
Chapter 3 Tetrahedron
Chapter 4 Straight Line
Chapter 5 Intersection of Line and Plane
Chapter 1 More Than One Correct Answer Type Questions
Chapter 2 Comprehension Based Questions
Chapter 3 Assertions and Reasons Type Questions
Chapter 4 Match the Column Type Questions
Chapter 5 Questions from IIT-JEE Question Papers

Physical Chemistry for the JEE and Other Engineering Entrance Examinations, 1/e
Physical Chemistry for the JEE and Other Engineering Entrance Examinations, 1/e K Rama Rao
Price: INR.860 INR.766.00
You Save: INR.94
ISBN: 9788131787618
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Physical Chemistry for the JEE and Other Engineering Entrance Examinations offers a systematic and comprehensive recapitulation of the subject. The content is presented in a well-structured format, ......

• More than 3000 questions for practice along with Hints and Solutions.
• Practice questions comprise multiple choice questions (both with only one answer correct and more than one answer correct), comprehensive-type questions, matching-type questions, assertion-reason type questions, and integer type questions
• Solved problems at the end of every topic and key points at the end of every chapter
• Contains previous years' IIT questions


Chapter 1. Structure of Atom
Chapter 2. Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Chapter 3. The States of Matter
Chapter 4. Solid State
Chapter 5. Solutions
Chapter 6. Thermodynamics
Chapter 7. Thermochemistry
Chapter 8. Chemical Kinetics
Chapter 9. Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 10. Ionic Equilibrium
Chapter 11. Redox Reactions
Chapter 12. Electrochemistry
Chapter 13. Stoichiometry
Chapter 14. Surface Chemistry
Chapter 15. Nuclear Chemistry

Mathematics for the JEE (Mains and Advanced), 1/e
Mathematics for the JEE (Mains and Advanced), 1/e Manan Khurma
Price: INR.675 INR.601.00
You Save: INR.74
ISBN: 9789332507975
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Advanced Mathematics for the JEE is targeted towards students taking the JEE Mains, especially the JEE Advanced Mathematics paper. The book essentially covers all the prescribed topics and caters ......

1. Each chapter summarized in an easy-to-understand format
2. Important facts and misconceptions highlighted in each chapter
3. Over 500+ illustrative examples including questions from previous years' JEE papers
4. Over 500+ advanced problems
5. Provides solutions with detailed explanation


1. General Algebra
2. Complex Numbers
3. Permutations and Combinations
4. Probability
5. Determinants and Matrices
6. Vectors
7. Trigonometry
8. Straight Lines
9. Circles
10. Conic Section
11. 3D Geometry
12. Functions
13. Limits, Continuity
14. Applications of Derivatives
15. Integration
16. Differential Equations

The Pearson Guide to Complete Mathematics for ISEET/JEE, 1/e
The Pearson Guide to Complete Mathematics for ISEET/JEE, 1/e Dinesh Khattar
Price: INR.610 INR.458.00
You Save: INR.152
ISBN: 9788131788585
not rated
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The Pearson Guide to Mathematics for the ISEET/JEE retains the basic structure and coverage which made the earlier editions a popular success. Spread over 29 systematic and lucid chapters, this book ......

  • More than 5,000 problems with solutions
  • Short-cut methods covering each type of questions asked in the examinations.
  • Comprehensive practice exercises covering all topics are provided at the end of each chapter
  • Problems asked in previous years' examinations are provided after every chapter with explanations
  • A smart table that analyses the number of questions asked from various topics in the recent examinations



1. Functions
2. Limits
3. Continuity and Differentiability
4. Differentiation
5. Applications of Derivatives
6. Indefinite Integration
7. Definite Integral and Area
8. Differential Equations
9. Complex Numbers
10. Sequences and Series
11. Quadratic Equations and Inequations
12. Permutations and Combinations
13. Binomial Theorem
14. Exponential and Logarithmic Series
15. Matrices
16. Determinants
17. Logarithms
18. Vector Algebra
19. Coordinates and Straight Lines
20. Pair of Straight Lines
21. Circles
22. Conic Sections (Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola)
23. Three Dimensional Geometry
24. Trigonometric Ratios and Identities
25. Trigonometric Equations
26. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
27. Properties and Solutions of Triangles
28. Heights and Distances

Model Test Papers
Solved Paper IIT-JEE 2011

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