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Modern Criticism and Theory: A Reader, 2/e    

Modern Criticism and Theory: A Reader, 2/e


 David Lodge 

and Nigel Wood



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This new edition of David Lodge's Modern Criticism and Theory is fully revised and expanded to take account of the developments of theoretical and general interest in contemporary literary criticism since publication of the first edition in 1988.

Building on the strengths of the first edition, the volume is designed to introduce the reader to the guiding concepts of present literary and cultural debate by presenting substantial extracts from the period's most seminal thinkers.

  • New essays covering emerging concerns in post-colonialism, gender studies, post-modern theories of communication, lesbian/gay criticism.
  • Contains a selection of the most important and representative work from the major schools in contemporary criticism.
  • Material has also been chosen for its international literary concerns.
  • Introductions give a context for each essay.
  • Footnotes help explain the most difficult references.
  • The selection is ordered both historically and thematically, so that readers can identify for themselves links between essays.


  1. A Contents arranged historically
  2. Ferdinand de Saussure The object of study
  3. Walter Benjamin The storyteller
  4. Roman Jakobson Linguistics & poetics The metaphoric & metonymic poles
  5. Jacques Lacan The insistence of the letter in the unconscious
  6. Jacques Derrida Structure, sign & play in the discourse of the human sciences
  7. Mikhail Bakhtin From the prehistory of novelistic discourse
  8. Tzvetan Todorov The typology of detective form
  9. Roland Barthes The death of the author Textual analysis: Poe's 'Valdemar'
  10. Michel Foucault What is an author?
  11. Wolfgang Iser The reading process: a phenomenological approach
  12. Julia Kristeva The ethics of linguistics
  13. Harold Bloom Poetic origins & final phases
  14. E D Hirsch Jr. Faulty perspectives
  15. M H Abrams The deconstructive angel
  16. J Hillis Miller The critics as host
  17. Helene Cixous Sorties
  18. Edward Said Crisis (in orientalism)
  19. Stanley Fish Interpreting the Variorum
  20. Elaine Showalter Feminist criticism in the wilderness
  21. Paul de Man The resistance to theory
  22. Fredric Jameson The politics of theory: Ideological positions in the postmodernism debate
  23. Terry Eagleton Capitalism, modernism & postmodernism
  24. Geoffrey Hartman The interpreter's Freud
  25. Juliet Mitchell Femininity, narrative & psychoanalysis
  26. Umberto Eco Casablanca: Cult movies & intertextual collage
  27. Jean Baudrillard Simulacra & simulations
  28. Luce Irigaray The bodily encounter with the mother
  29. Patrocinio P Schweickart Reading ourselves: towards a feminist theory of reading
  30. Eve Kosovsky Sedgwick The beast in the closet
  31. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak Feminism & critical theory
  32. Stephen Greenblatt The circulation of social energy
  33. Jerome McGann The textual condition
  34. Index
  35. B Contents arranged thematically
  36. Formalist, structuralist & post-structuralist poetics, linguistics & narratology
  37. Deconstruction
  38. Psychoanalysis
  39. Politics, ideology, cultural history
  40. Feminism
  41. Hermeneutics, reception theory, reader-response
  42. Cognitive literary scholarship

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