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Management, 10/e    

Management, 10/e


 Stephen P. Robbins, 

 Mary Coulter

and Neharika Vohra



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Organizations are becoming increasingly dynamic, and mangers are confronted with situations and challenges that were never faced before. Managers also have to delicately balance the aspirations of employees with the expectations of the organizations. Stephen P. Robbins' Management provides the best possible understanding of what it means to be a manager entrusted with the task of managing this dynamism. This book introduces the readers to real managers, and elaborates on the problems they have faced in organizations and how they have resolved them.

  • Real-World Focus: Management theories and concepts come to life via a real-world focus and application-heavy approach.
  • A Manager’s Dilemma: Every chapter opens with a Manager’s Dilemma. Students are asked to put themselves into the shoes of that manager and think about what they would do in that situation.
  • Meet the Managers: Chapter openers introduce the managers being featured throughout the text as they discuss their management styles and philosophies.
  • Your Turn to Be a Manager: This feature provides several activities that give students the chance to experience the challenges of management. Activities range from creating a code of ethics to designing an employee attitude survey.
  • Streamlined Chapter Material: The edition is written more succinctly to support the tight one-semester timeframe in which this course is taught, but preserves the quality that made the book a bestseller.


Part I: Defining the Manager’s Terrain
  1. Introduction to Management and Organizations
  2. Management History
  3. Organizational Culture and Environment
  4. Managing In a Global Environment
  5. Social Responsibility and Managerial Ethics
Part II: Planning
  1. Managers as Decision Makers
  2. Foundations of Planning
  3. Strategic Management
Part III: Organizing
  1. Organizational Structure and Design
  2. Managing Human Resources
  3. Managing Teams
  4. Managing Change and Innovation
Part IV: Leading
  1. Understanding Individual Behavior
  2. Managers and Communication
  3. Motivating Employees
  4. Managers as Leaders
Part V: Controlling
  1. Introduction to Controlling
  2. Managing Operations

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