Longman Active Science 5, 1/e    

Longman Active Science 5, 1/e


 Natasha Mehta



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Longman Active Science is a series of nine books meant for primary and middle school students. The books adhere to the National Curriculum Framework and have been designed as per the latest NCERT syllabus. The books link the everyday activities and events related to the learner with the science of how and why things happen. The interactive lessons, combined with well-defined learning outcomes, mould the scientific temperament of the learners. The exercises, along with fun activities, encourage the spirit of experimentation in them.


  • Unit page with Teacher’s notes helps the teacher in developing a comprehensive lesson plan.
  • You already know lists the topics learnt previously.
  • You will learn outlines the topics that will be taught in the chapter.
  • You now know at the end of the lesson aids recapitulation of recently learnt topics.
  • Titbits provides interesting information on the topic at hand.
  • New words aids retention of scientific terms.
  • Something more are interactive tasks related to the topic that also encourage environment consciousness.
  • Test papers at the end of the book aid revision.

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