Let's Log In Anew! 7(Revised Edition), 2/e    

Let's Log In Anew! 7(Revised Edition), 2/e


 Nancy Sehgal



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The revised and updated Let's Log In Anew! for classes 1-8 is based on the latest National Curriculum Framework for School Education. The series aims to impart accurate and up-to-date information to the learners of computer science. The approach is learner-centric. Age-appropriate gradation, comprehensive coverage of topics, a variety of exercises and a visually pleasing layout makes the series an indispensable tool for teaching and learning the subject the right way.


  • After you have studied this lesson… lists topics to be discussed in the chapter.
  • Step-by-step guidelines on new topics ensure a clearer understanding of the topics.
  • Dialogue between young learners highlights practical problems before giving the solutions.
  • Remember makes the learner aware of computer etiquettes.
  • Activities, Examples and Learning games are provided to reinforce learning and understanding.
  • Tech Talk provides a glossary of computer-related terms with their meanings.
  • Revision tests the knowledge and applications of the chapter learnt.

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