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File Structures : An Object Oriented Approach with C++ (for VTU), 3/e    

File Structures : An Object Oriented Approach with C++ (for VTU), 3/e


 Michael J. Folk, 

 Greg Riccardi

and Bill Zoellick



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This book has been designed based upon the Subject of File Structures for Visveshvaraya Technological University (VTU). This book uses the hands-on work of constructing and running programs as the centre of the learning process in teaching design.



• Strictly as per the syllabus
• 10 Solved Programs from the previous question papers of VTU
• Lab Programs as per the University Syllabus
• Solutions to June/July 2012 University Question Paper


? Introduction to the Design and Specification of File Structures
? Introduction to the Design and Specification of File Structures
? Fundamental File Processing Operations
? Secondary Storage and System Software
? Fundamental File Structure Concepts
? Managing Files of Records
? Organizing Files for Performance
? Indexing
? Consequential Processing and the Sorting of Large Files
? Multilevel Indexing and B-Trees
? Indexed Sequential File Access and Prefix B+ Trees
? Hashing
? Extensible Hashing

? Appendix A: Designing File Structures for CD-ROM
? Appendix B: ASCII Table
? Appendix C: Formatted Output with C++ Stream Classes
? Appendix D: Simple File Input/output Examples
? Appendix E: Classes for Buffer Manipulation
? Appendix F: A Class Hierarchy for Buffer Input/output
? Appendix G: Single Level Indexing of Records by Key
? Appendix H: Consequential Processing
? Appendix I: Multi-level Indexing with B-Trees
? Appendix J: Extensible Hashing
? Appendix K : Programs

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