Computer Networks and Internets with Internet Applications, 4/e    

Computer Networks and Internets with Internet Applications, 4/e


 Douglas E. Comer

and M. S. Narayanan



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This book provides a comprehensive, self-contained tour through all of networking - from the lowest levels of data transmission and wiring to the highest levels of application software - explaining how underlying technologies provide services and how Internet applications use those services. For instructors who want to emphasize Internet technologies and applications, Computer Networks provides substantial sections on internetworking and network applications. This updated edition reflects recent advances in networking and internet technology. An accompanying multimedia CD-ROM and online resources provide opportunities for a variety of hands-on experiences.

  • FAQ email list with answers to questions from a leading networking authority.

  • NEW - Chapter 24, User Datagram Protocol: Introduces an end-to-end datagram protocol and illustrates its use. Once considered insignificant, UDP forms the important basis for multicast and broadcast applications and new applications that transfer audio or video.

  • NEW - Chapter 26, Network Address Translation (NAT): Explains how NAT technology overcomes a major limitation of the Internet by allowing multiple computers to share a single IP address, especially important for residential and small business installations.

  • NEW - Chapter 33, IP Telephony: Discusses the most exciting new Internet application, transmitting telephone calls over the Internet (VoIP). The chapter explains competing standards for IP telephony, including protocols such as H.323, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and Megacolt. This chapter also presents a sample SIP session.

  • Includes a CD-ROM with animations, packet traces, more than 200 photos of networking equipment, code from the book and copies of protocol standards.


PART I: Using And Building Internet Applications
    Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Motivation And Tools Chapter 3 Network Programming And Applications
PART II: Data Transmission
    Chapter 4 Transmission Media Chapter 5 Local Asynchronous Communication (RS-232) Chapter 6 Long-Distance Communication (Carriers, Modulation, And Modems)
PART III: Packet Transmission
    Chapter 7 Packets, Frames, And Error Detection Chapter 8 LAN Technologies And Network Topology Chapter 9 Hardware Addressing And Frame Type Identification Chapter 10 LAN Wiring, Physical Topology, And Interface Hardware Chapter 11 Extending LANs: Fiber Modems, Repeaters, Bridges, And Switches Chapter 12 Long-Distance And Local Loop Digital Technologies Chapter 13 WAN Technologies And Routing Chapter 14 Connection-Oriented Networking And ATM Chapter 15 Network Characteristics: Ownership, Service Paradigm, And Performance Chapter 16 Protocols And Layering
PART IV: Internetworking
    Chapter 17 Internetworking: Concepts, Architecture, And Protocols Chapter 18 IP: Internet Protocol Addresses Chapter 19 Binding Protocol Addresses (ARP) Chapter 20 IP Datagrams And Datagram Forwarding Chapter 21 IP Encapsulation, Fragmentation, And Reassembly Chapter 22 The Future IP (IPv6) Chapter 23 An Error Reporting Mechanism (ICMP) Chapter 24 UDP: Datagram Transport Service Chapter 25 TCP: Reliable Transport Service Chapter 26 Network Address Translation Chapter 27 Internet Routing
PART V: Network Applications
    Chapter 28 Client-Server Interaction Chapter 29 The Socket Interface Chapter 30 Example Of A Client And A Server Chapter 31 Naming With The Domain Name System Chapter 32 Electronic Mail Representation And Transfer Chapter 33 IP Telephony (VoIP) Chapter 34 File Transfer And Remote File Access Chapter 35 World Wide Web Pages And Browsing Chapter 36 Dynamic Web Document Technologies (CGI, ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion) Chapter 37 Active Web Document Technologies (Java, JavaScript) Chapter 38 RPC and Middleware Chapter 39 Network Management (SNMP) Chapter 40 Network Security Chapter 41 Initialization (Configuration)
Appendix 1 Glossary Of Networking Terms And Abbreviations Appendix 2 The ASCII Character Set Appendix 3 Address Masks In Dotted Decimal Appendix 4 How To Use The CD-ROM Included With This Book

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