Basics of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering, 1/e    

Basics of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering, 1/e


 Neil Storey, 

 Wayne Tomasi 

and Edward Hughes



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This book has been customized to meet the exact requirements of EN09 107: Basics of Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering. The content has been customized from leading books in their respective areas: Electronics, Digital systems, electronics communication and radar technologies. The rigor of the content has been controlled to match University requirements. There is world leading content in this book that has been customized for student success in the examination. Students get the best content from four books at the price of one.

  • To provide the basic concepts and an overview of Electrical Engineering;
  • To impart knowledge about basic electronic and digital systems
  • To give basic ideas about various communication systems
  • Communication systems are discussed based on a system level block diagram approach as specified in the curriculum.


  1. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  2. Transformers
  3. DC Machines
  4. Induction and Synchronous Machines
  5. Amplifiers
  6. Digital systems
  7. Data Acquisition systems
  8. Basics of Radio Communication
  9. Fundamentals of various communication systems

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