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Aster Coursebook 4: For a Strong Base in English, 1/e    

Aster Coursebook 4: For a Strong Base in English, 1/e


 Lalitha Eapen



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Aster: For a Strong Base in English is a course that addresses the growing need of pupils to acquire mastery over a language that is not their mother tongue. This course has been designed to teach language for effective communication through the use of literature. The series has been planned based on the premise that accuracy and eloquence need to go hand in hand. New language is presented contextually which helps the pupils learn the forms of language using existing cognitive structures and language known to them. The focus on linguistic form and function provides holistic language learning, laying a firm foundation for using the English language confidently.

The Coursebooks contain fascinating, well-illustrated pieces of prose, poetry and drama to engage the interest of young learners. The new language is presented through varied literary texts and reinforced through the exercises. The linguistic elements presented in the coursebooks are further exploited and practised in the Workbooks.


  • Comprehension!! tests the literal, inferential, predictive, analytical and evaluative understanding of the learners
  • New!! Words to Know helps the learners learn and retain unfamiliar words and their meanings
  • Word!! Wonder enriches the learners' vocabulary and draws their attention to the lexical and semantic wealth of language
  • Learn!! about Language aids the learners in understanding the finer aspects of language use, grammar and its usage
  • Composition!! sets off the learners on a creative journey to master writing skills through guided and free writing activities
  • Language Lab encourages the learners to master correct pronunciation, develop the right speech habits and hone their communicative skills using listening and speaking activities that are directed towards building confidence in using the English language
  • Activity ! ! contains engaging extension activities that offer opportunities to develop positive reading and research habits in learners

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